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Local Produce at Mint Lane Restaurant and Bar

At Element Melbourne Richmond, we are focusing our sustainability efforts in a number of areas. We are embracing a greener lifestyle and leading the way with new ideas. Our new spring/summer menu consists of flavours around Asia. Some of the dishes are inspired of flavours from the Philippines, Korea, India, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia to name a few. Working with our team of chefs, we gather and test dishes from our favourite Asian countries and then handpick the dishes that most stood out. Our Head chef included the famous Filipino Dish called "Adobo" with his very own twist. All the dishes have their own story and unique flavour. Cooking Asian dishes consists of multiple herbs and spices, and we can proudly say that we grow our own herbs in our garden.

We also work directly with local producers to ensure that our guests can experience fresh delicacy:


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    Breakfast: Monday to Friday (6.30am-10.00am) Weekends (7.00am-10.30am)

    Lunch: Monday to Friday (12.00pm-3.00pm) Weekends (Closed)

    Dinner: Monday to Sunday (6.00pm - 10.00pm)